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Mount SinaiWelcome to the Mount Sinai Health Beat, a feature with the official medical provider of USTA Eastern, USTA and the US Open. Each month, the Mount Sinai Health System will provide tips to prevent nagging injuries from cropping up, which prevent players from competing in tennis. One of the world’s leading medical institutions, Mount Sinai’s experts are uniquely positioned to help athletes from professionals to club players succeed in sport.
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Mount Sinai Health Beat: What You Can Do About Tennis Injuries

James Gladstone, MD
During this year's US Open, we were reminded that the sport of tennis can come with injuries. Read More

Mount Sinai Health Beat: Hip Replacement Surgery

Calin Moucha, MD
With all its running and twisting, tennis places great strain on the hip joints of amateurs and professionals alike. Fortunately, a successful hip replacement can allow many to get back on the court and play with exceptional results, and new approaches are making this process quicker and easier. Read More

Mount Sinai Health Beat: Joint Injuries

Osteochondritis dissecans is hardly a household word, but the Latin phrase is familiar to many tennis fans as the bane of young players: it’s a joint disease caused by overuse and most commonly affects competitive athletes aged 10 to 14. Read More

Mount Sinai Health Beat: The Recovery Period

As tennis players, we tend to focus on training and physical maintenance, but often forget an important part of the physical fitness process: the recovery period. Over-training without proper recovery time can lead to poor performance. Read More

Mount Sinai Health Beat: Managing Stress in Child Athletes

Dr. Olszewski
Athletes have to manage many sources of stress, especially child athletes who have fewer emotional resources developed to deal with internal or external sources of anxiety. Assisting children in understanding stressors will encourage kids to manage stress in more healthy and productive ways. Read More

Mount Sinai Health Beat: How to Avoid Shoulder and Rotator Cuff Injury

As tennis players, we know our shoulders do quite a bit for us on the court: power that winning serve, guide our arm through each swing, and support our perfected back-hand. So it’s important to know how to keep them strong and safe when in use. Read More

Mount Sinai Health Beat: Preventing Foot and Ankle Injury

As players know, tennis is one of those challenging sports that requires the upper body and lower extremities to move in sync. Several factors increase players’ risk for foot and ankle injuries. Read More

Mount Sinai Health Beat: Tennis and Asthma

You probably know that asthma is a common condition in the United States, affecting approximately 26 million people nationwide. But did you know that aerobic sports such as tennis can actually improve heart and lung health in people with asthma? Read More

Mount Sinai Health Beat: How Tennis Can Fight Heart Disease

Valentin Fuster, MD, PhD, Director of Mount Sinai Heart and Physician-in-Chief of The Mount Sinai Hospital, states that by just picking up the racket and getting some exercise, you may be helping yourself ward off heart disease. Read More

Mount Sinai Health Beat: Our Best Tips From 2015

Kelly Hogan, MS, RD, Clinical Nutrition Coordinator at the Dubin Breast Center in the Tisch Cancer Institute at The Mount Sinai Hospital, offers tips on long-term nutrition habits that will enhance your tennis game.. Read More
Results: 10 Record(s) Found.
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